Your complete guide to Merlin Professional Haircare

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Merlin Professional is one of Fabriahs most popular hair brands, boasting a range of over 40 salon hair care products, from treatments to shampoo, styling gum to styling sprays. Merlin combines art and science to achieve unrivalled professional results.

Merlin products recognise the cause of hair problems on a scientific level and then target the chemical imbalance to deliver the nutrients needed to “obtain perfect balance”. This is the mantra of Merlin Professional Hair care and combined with decades of experience, research and ambition, it is not hard to see why hairdressers and professional stylists recommend Merlin to their clients.

The Merlin ‘Routine”

Designed and developed by John Curzon Former Technical Director at La Maur Hair care, Merlin products are not your usual; “Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling”. They follow the steps of Clenze, Shampoo, Treatment, Seal & Style and here is how they all contribute to achieving your dream hair…

The ‘Clenzers’, which include the Inception Clenzer & Crystal Clearifying Clenzer, are used weekly to purify the hair of product build up and other unwanted chemicals such as the ones found in hard water and swimming pools. They work within the cuticle & the cortex area for a perfectly clean palette. This gives you a clean base for the shampoo, which is the first product that can alter certain areas of the hair molecule.

Merlin shampoos can target dry, oily, coarse or flat hair to bring back bounce, elasticity and manageability. The advantage of Merlin hair care is that all shampoos are highly concentrated therefore more economical than other products on the market.

Treatment products are used once a week and are the strongest of the set meaning to get the best results from Merlin you should select the treatment which aims to fix your most pressing hair problem. They are rich in proteins and lubricants to completely revitalise the hair. There are also three ‘daily’ treatments that are designed for reducing tangles and adding extra vitamins into the hair shaft.

Sealers are the most important of the routine as they ‘seal’ in all-previous products and are designed to protect the hair from damaging alkaline debris produced in the environment for up to three days!

Finally, all the styling products have the ability to increase the hairs inner memory therefore creating longer lasting styles whether you hair is short, long, curly or straight. This means you hair will stay perfect all day despite the wind, rain, sun or snow.

Identifying your perfect product combination

For ease of use for the hairdresser and to allow customers to identify which Merlin Professional products are tailored for them, Merlin have divided all their products into modules with assigned colours.

The modules are as follows:

Module 1- Clenzing for all hair types

These products are colour-coded Magenta.

Module 2– Moisture revival for dry to very dry hair

These products are colour-coded Yellow & Dark Orange.

Module 3– Re-Balancing for Natural hair

These products are colour coded Pink & Blue.

Module 4– Body support for chemically altered, flat, limp or fragile hair

These products are colour coded Green, Red & Purple

Module 5– Regularly coloured hair

These products are coloured Pale Orange.

Module 6- Scalp Normalisation for Irritated Scalps

These products are colour-coded Pink & Red

Module 7 & 8- Daily Styling

These products are colour-coded Magenta.

If you would like more detail on all the products such as how they can be used and the results they produce, using the links above, we have created a ‘cheat sheet’ for each module to give in depth detail about how they can transform your hair.

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