Merlin Professionals Module 6: Scalp Normalisation for Irritated Scalps

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The products in this module have been scientifically designed to solve a range of Scalp issues from itching & dandruff to psoriasis. There is 2 shampoos so you can still use a sealer and treatment from another module to tackle multiple hair issues at once!


Clear Plus Daily Normalising Power Clenzer (W2)

For: Dandruff & Scalp Problems

Used daily, if needed, this product is formulated to gently cleanse and sooth.

Its super active ingredients are not only excellent for cleansing the hair but it will also help relieve dry, itchy and flaky scalp problems. It provides a cocktail of ingredients, carefully balanced to help relieve dandruff, psoriasis and many other scalp disorders.

It’s great for natural or chemically altered hair as helps maintain and lubricate the lipids while providing protein for body and strength.

Overall Result: A comfortable scalp and manageable, shiny hair
Additional Benefits:
  • Mild enough to be used daily
  • Increases hairs natural shine


Intercure Butter Nut Hair, Scalp & Body Daily Normalising Cream Complex

For: Moisturising the hair, scalp and body

Used daily, it is a complete product for the hair and skin.

This luxurious cream can be used on the scalp where it is dry and flaky; in fact this product can be used all over the body for moisturising. It gives the skin a soft satiny feel from scalp, to face, to feet! It is a truly versatile product!

Its great to be used after sunbathing in summer and excellent to be used on the skin in winter for added moisture or to treat wind burn.

Overall Result: Added moisture to hair and skin, leaving it soft and silky
Additional Benefits:
  • No fragrance, alcohol or artificial colour
  • 100% oraganic
  • Leaves hair smooth with shine
  • Great for all hair types

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