Merlin Professionals Module 4: Body Support for Chemically Altered, Flat, Limp & Fragile Hair

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The products in this module are aimed at restoring chemically altered hair that has lost some of its natural ingredients through over processing. They also aim at transforming flat, limp & fragile hair that is usually a result of lack of protein. There are 2 Shampoos, 2 Sealers & 4 treatments. However, all Merlin products can be mixed and matched so you can jump between modules to create your ideal combination.


Sapphire Protein Daily Support Power Clenzer (W3)

For: Oily, Chemically Altered Hair

Despite being called a ‘Clenzer’ this product is gentle enough to be used daily and works the same as the other Merlin shampoos.

It is formulated for low protein, stretchy, over chemically altered hair that tends to get oily often. It uses protein to rebuild and strengthen the hair shaft during cleansing.

The addition of Hydrolyzed Mucopolysaccharides actually helps control the hair as well as essential fatty acids moisturising and lubricating within the cortex to increase elasticity.

Overall Result: Stronger hair that is easier to control, with added shine
Additional Benefits:
  • No dryness build up
  • Adds moisture without weighing down the hair


Caltron Protein Daily Body Support Power Shampoo

For: Fine, Oily, And Natural Hair

Used daily, this shampoo is a protein based, body building cleanser formulated to build hair that has little or no natural life.

It combines multiple carbohydrates for added strength and resilience. The addition of Hydrolyzed Mucopolysaccharides can help control the hair and increase elasticity.

Overall Result: Maximum fullness with perfectly balanced shine
Additional Benefits:
  • Increases natural lift
  • No dryness build up


Prolate Balancing Daily Body Support Power Sealer

For: Balancing and Strengthening Hair

Used daily, this sealer is formulated to re-balance chemically altered hair. This low PH product, used regularly, will maintain the hairs natural balance to keep it strong and healthy looking.

It will help return the hair to its naturally strong balanced condition. Hydrolyzed Mucopolysaccharides will replace the lack of moisture and increase the lipid to re-align the cuticle, helping to detangle too.

Overall Result: Firm, smooth, shiny hair
Additional Benefits:
  • Protects the hair during blow drying
  • Helps protect against chemical services
  • Eliminates tangles and reduces static
  • Helps protect against the environment for 3 days!


Botanical Plus Power Sealer

For Smoothing and Strengthening Hair

This product is formulated to re-balance and control the hair. It is designed to be used on hair that is naturally fragile or has been chemically altered.

This protein-based treatment with Hydrolyzed Mucopolysaccharides will strengthen, lubricate and neutralise the damaging effects of the environment.

Overall Result: Strong feeling hair with exceptional shine
Additional Benefits:
  • Locks in curls for longer lasting waves
  • Helps close the cuticle for protection.



Pistachio & Almond Leave-In Daily Body Support Power Treatment (W32)

For: Detangling and extra body support

Used as an additional daily treatment, this product is formulated with protein and vitamins for balance on all hair types. It is ideal to help de-tangle and re-align the hairs cuticle at the same time reduce the charge hat creates static.

It can help seal in and protect the hair against the environment and can be used immediately before chemical services to maintain the hair in superb balance and condition.

Enriched with Panthenol, when used continuously, it can actually thicken the hair by 10%.

Overall Result: Easier styling and protection against the element with full body and shine
Additional Benefits:
  • Protects against dry, brittle and split ends
  • Perfect for use on chemically altered hair
  • Recommended to be used on long hair regularly


Prolate 15 Reconstructing Weekly Body Support Body Treatment

For: Protein reconstruction in Chemically Altered Hair

Used weekly, this is a powerful penetrating protein reconstructor.

Formulated to add strength to hair without losing any of its much-needed pliability. It restores elasticity, bounce and add moisture to the central layers of the hair. It can also help eliminate breakage and split ends.

Hydrolyzed Mucopolysaccharides help re-balance he intercellular cement for better control.

Overall Result: De-swells the hair shaft for a smooth, strong, shiny result
Additional Benefits:
  • Increases the weight of the hair
  • Reduces colour lost on toned or coloured hair


Proline 30 Rebuilding Weekly Body Support Protein Power Treatment

For: Firm Protein Reconstruction to rebuild the hair

Used weekly, this treatment is formulated to rebuild hair without body that grows flat against the scalp. It also helps eliminate split ends and reduce protein loss.

Overall Result: Strong hair with body and shine
Additional Benefits:
  • Increases the weight of the hair
  • De-swells to give a smooth shiny finish
  • Helps reduce colour loss on toned and coloured hair


Botanical Plus Magnesium Weekly Body Support Power Treatment

For: Adding body

Used weekly, this treatment has been designed for use as a multifunctional product.

Formulated using magnesium and protein as a base, this powerful treatment can be used as it is or in conjunction with chemical services. This product is an absolute necessity for producing volume in the hair while at the same time maintaining optimum condition and balance.

Overall Result: Hair is left vibrantly alive, visibly strong and full on bounce, with a deep shine
Additional Benefits:
  • Controls oily scalps
  • Locks in colour to keep the true shade brighter for longer



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