Male Hair Care: A product guide to styling

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Male Hair Care: A product guide to styling

Trying to find the right male hair care products is a daunting task nowadays. With new products launching every five minutes and names being written in all languages, it’s no wonder you can’t find anything! At Fabriah, we know the plight, so we’ve put together a little guide to help you distinguish between your products.

All Styling Products will fall into 2 categories: Fixatives and Pliable.


Fixatives are styling products that will dry hard and give limited re-working potential once dried. Examples of these products include styling gels and hairspray.

Our top picks; 

Male Hair Care - KMS California Hair Stay Styling Gel

KMS California Hair Stay Styling Gel

Available sizes: 250ml

KMS California Hairstay Styling Gel is an original firm holding gel that never flakes or builds up. Get great style and hold with this styling gel and take control of your look! This cranberry and pepper KMS Styling gel has a great fruity fragrance and will give your hair excellent hold..

Male Hair Care - Wella SP Just Men Maxximum Hold Gel

Wella SP Just Men Maxximum Hold Gel

Available sizes: 100ml

Wella SP Men Maximum Hold Gel is an extra strong styling gel suitable for all hair types. Especially formulated for men, Men Maximum Hold Gel is ideal for fixing sand styling short hair styles and provides long-lasting, strong hold without any residue. Quick drying, this high performance gel is crystal clear once applied to the hair for a subtle shine and healthy, glossy finish.



Unlike fixatives, pliable products with work to keep your hair flexible. As a result, pliable products allow hair to be reworked throughout the day as you need. Examples of pliable products are pomades and waxes.

Our top picks; 

Male Hair Care - Wella SP Just Men Textured Style Paste

Wella SP Just Men Textured Style Paste

Available sizes: 75ml

Wella SP Men Textured Style Paste is a matte effect styling paste which adds texture and shape to hair. Especially formulated for men, Wella SP Men Textured Style Paste lightly holds your style and adds a matte finish. Use to shape the surface of the hair and provide texture to your style; Men Textured Style Paste keeps hair flexible so you can rework your style throughout the day.

Male Hair Care - Joico Creme Wax Texture & Shine

Joico Creme Wax Texture & Shine

Available sizes: 50ml

A hydrating crème wax with microfibers that provide soft, moderate hold and support. Natural microcrystalline wax provides hold, while Propylene Glycol adds condition and shine. This wax combines the moisturizing and shine properties of a cream with fibers for smooth, pliable hold on moderate, coarse or heavy hair textures. Crème Wax can be applied to your damp or dry hair, before heat is applied.


Two of the most coveted male hair care products are wax and mousse. But what’s the difference?


Wax will not leave your hair hard or with a wet look and your hair can be restyled throughout the day. Rub a small amount of wax between fingers and palms of hands; this warms it up to make it more pliable for an even distribution. Run your palms through the parts of your hair you want styling to distribute, then use your fingers to manipulate your hair how you would like it. Wax is generally best when your hair is shorter but longer styles can use it to define sections.


On wet hair it will give a sleek, wet look. On dry hair it will shape and mould your hair and hold the desired style with a natural look. Dispense a small amount into your hand, distribute evenly between both hands and rub it into your hair and style as required. Great for any hairstyle as can create curls as well as giving good hold.


Knowing your products

To help understand all this a little bit more, we’ve found an amazing video to help you differentiate your male hair care. Knowing your wax from your pomade has never been so easy!