Three easy transformations for stunning after-work hair

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Three easy transformations for stunning after-work hair

After-work hair transformations have always been a little tricky, that is, until you met Fabriah.


“We’re going out for a few drinks after-work… you should come!”

First thought: Yes! You love your work friends, it’ll be an evening of fun and laughter.

Second thought: Ooh, I wonder if *insert cute guy from the offices name here* will be going.

Third thought: Damn! My hair looks average, maybe I shouldn’t have hit the snooze button so much this morning…


Worry not Fabriahlites, you can have it all. We’ve put together three top after work hair transformations for you to try!


Look One

Fabriah After-Work Hair, Look One


  • It’s time to scour your bag for a hair grip, preferably three or four. If you only have the odd one, just work this style around to your advantage.
  • Optional – Do you have any texturising wax (or substitute) stored in your bag? No? It might be worth asking that dashing male colleague if they’ve got a hidden stash (you’ll be surprised!).

The How-To

Start by parting your hair into a side parting. This should give you lots of volume on one side and a fine amount on the other. On the finer side, take small sections of your hair, twist it against your scalp and secure with a grip. Repeat this step 3 or 4 times, securing with a grip each time for an easy and instant touch of glamour. Finally, add product to texturise your hair and give yourself a slightly edgier look (optional).


Look Two

Fabriah After Work Hair, Look Two


  • Scarf, flower, hair-tie. Any of these will do, or substitute!

The How-To

For an easy and different look, pull your hair into the highest ponytail possible. You can then glam this up by tying a scarf around the band or even picking a flower and securing that to your hair. This is your chance to be creative! And this look can be easily achieved with minimal fuss, and creates a gorgeous contrast to your daily wear. To make it look slightly different, you can create a middle or side parting and pull it low over one shoulder instead.



After-work hair has never looked so glamorous


Look Three

Fabriah After Work Hair, Look Three


  • Hair-tie

The How-To

Sweep your hair to one side and create a fishtail plait (think Cheryl Cole on X Factor). This look is created by splitting the ponytail into two and then taking alternate small sections from the back of each strand and bringing them to the front. Keep working until you reach the end of the hair and then secure with a band.

For a touch more of the glam factor backcomb at the roots to create volume before you plait the hair.

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